The Subway Footlong Pass is back—here’s how to get it

The Subway Footlong Pass is back—here's how to get it

(NEXSTAR) — Subway’s popular sandwich card, the Footlong Pass, is making a comeback — less than a year after its first limited run sold out in hours. While Subway says 250,000 passes are available this year, they can still be hard to come by.

According to Subway, the Subway Footlong Pass costs $15 and will only be sold to members of the MyWay program. Season ticket holders will be able to get 50% off a one-foot sub once a day until April.

Tickets go on sale at 7 a.m. on March 21. According to Subway, Subway’s MyWay Rewards program is available in the US and Canada.

“Subway’s first Footlong Pass showcases everything our fans crave from Subway: our underwater subwoofers, everyday value and, of course, exclusive rewards for loyalty members,” said Barb Millett, Senior Director of Loyalty and Gift Cards cards at Subway. “The first 10,000 season tickets sold out in a matter of hours and although we have 250,000 this time around, we expect them to sell out very quickly.”

Subway’s subscription is one of Taco Bell’s Taco Lover’s Pass, launched in 2021, which allows users to get one taco a day with a monthly subscription of $5 to $10. Probably because they’re often so hard to come by, when fast food chains and fast food restaurants announce subscription or unlimited plans, they generate a lot of buzz.

Among the most famous restaurant passes is Olive Garden’s Endless pasta, which offers customers nine weeks of unlimited pasta for $100. The sought-after item was delivered in October 2022 after a two-year break.

Another famous card is the McDonald’s Gold Card, which provides free food for life for the lucky few who managed to get one.

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