Missouri serves Guinness at the lowest prices in the US

Missouri serves Guinness at the lowest prices in the US

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — St. Patrick’s Day revelers are feeling the effects of U.S. inflation

Personal finance site FinanceBuzz has compiled Guinness prices in each state to find out where people will pay the most and least for a pint of the popular beer.

The researchers found that the average price for a pint of Guinness in the US is $6.96, up nearly 4% from last year.

Californians pay the highest prices for Guinness, averaging $8.95 per glass. Washington, D.C., Nevada, Florida and Massachusetts have average prices over $8 per pint.

People planning to enjoy a Guinness or two in the Kansas City area may want to consider drinking on the Missouri side.

People buying a pint of Guinness in Missouri will pay some of the lowest prices in the country, FinanceBuzz has found.

In Kansas, the analysis found that a pint of Guinness costs an average of $6.50. In Missouri, the same glass costs an average of 60 cents less, or $5.90 per pint.

Only Alabama and West Virginia have lower prices than Missouri.

See the ranking of all states in the full analysis on the page FinanceBuzz.com.

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