Architectural firm KCK gives a look at future stadiums

Architectural firm KCK gives a look at future stadiums

KANSAS CITY, Kansas β€” MANICA Architecture worked at the Chase Center in San Francisco, home of the Golden State Warriors. It is located in an entertainment area with shops, restaurants, bars and offices.

“They provide synergy between the two,” company president David Manica said in an interview with FOX4 on Monday about the development of both the stadium and the entertainment district around it. “Obviously, the footfall and the traffic that stadiums and arenas receive invigorates the surrounding events and vice versa.”

Manika said these areas give people a chance to come in early, shop, eat and then go to the game and then they can go to the entertainment district.

“In my work, I feel that this is becoming more and more a model for achieving success and revitalizing entire inner-city neighborhoods.”

Manica’s comments came six days after Royals chairman John Sherman said he wanted a soccer district for the team along with a new stadium in the future.

“A lot of times the stadium can be dark, and if it’s in the middle of a parking lot, there’s no reason to go there,” Manika said.

Manica wouldn’t talk about the situation with the Royals, but he said the T-Mobile Center in the Power & Light District is a perfect example of a sports center with shopping and entertainment around it.

“The number of events that you can put through the building is always more profitable for everybody, not just for the team, but for the city, for the staff, the employees, the people of the city that work in those buildings, so always more events means more profit” , – said Manika.

“But what we’re looking at outside, even in football stadiums, soccer stadiums or indoor arenas, are ways to bring more content into the building and thus create more days of events.”

This is where firms like MANICA can help sports teams. He said that the team’s management is never again concerned only with the performance on the field.

β€œThe building has no control over what happens on the playing field,” Manika continued. “So the home team can win or lose, but win or lose, it’s important that the building and venue provide a good experience for guests so that people want to come back.”

In a three-page letter from the Royals to fans, Sherman said they are going to listen to the public about what they think their new stadium and ballpark will look like, but it is unclear when that will begin.

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