Amazon’s Alexa will now answer buyers’ questions during VW ID.4 test drives

Amazon's Alexa will now answer buyers' questions during VW ID.4 test drives

The robots take over yet another job, this time the role of dealer representative on the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4. The automaker has announced that Amazon’s Alexa will answer customers’ questions during test drives at special events held this fall.

“In our work to bring EVs and electromobility to everyone, we need to find new and exciting ways to talk to our customers,” said Andrew Savvas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Volkswagen Group of America. “This collaboration with Amazon does just that. Future Volkswagen owners can experience everything our ID.4 has to offer using a voice service they are already familiar with.”

The Alexa guided test drive is possible thanks to a collaboration between VW and Amazon which sees an Echo Auto unit placed on the ID.4’s dashboard. With it, the digital assistant can answer a customer’s questions regarding the electric car’s functions.

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If a potential buyer has a question about the available massaging seats, for example, Alexa will respond by saying “The seat massaging feature is available in the front seats on the ID4 Pro S and Pro S with Gradient. If you want to try it, just ask “Alexa, how does me on the massage function”.

The device can also answer questions about battery, charging, blind spot monitor, connection to the infotainment system, costs, regular maintenance and more. Volkswagen adds that customers are free to ask about the car’s features without additional pressure from a salesperson.

Naturally, human representatives will be on hand at the various Alexa Test Drive locations around the country to give potential buyers a spin around the crossover before they take off. They can then embark on a 30-minute drive with the Echo Auto device, and can head to a dealership after the test drive to find out more and reserve a vehicle.

Volkswagen plans to offer Alexa-guided test drives at a number of locations around the US starting this fall.

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