Road-Roller vs Honda Activa strength test is all kinds of stupidity

Road-Roller vs Honda Activa strength test is all kinds of stupidity

Some content creators have no limits whatsoever on what kind of content they are willing to produce, and this video is a good example of that.

In this video, a road roller tries to crush a Honda Activa. The video is made by Mr Indian Hacker on YouTube. He constantly posts unique videos where he simply does what the people in the comments ask him to do. The result is that not all proposals need make sense. People demand just about anything, but he makes sure to fulfill their requests. In one such instance, viewers asked him to roll over a scooty using a road roller. The results are here.

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Road-Roller rolls over a Honda Activa

Mr Indian Hacker and his team make the necessary preparations to undertake this seemingly ridiculous task. They arrange an Activa that looks like it’s in usable condition. In addition, a road roll with the driver has been arranged. They place the scooty in such a way that the roller covers the maximum area. Finally, they ask the driver to start the road roller. And in the very first attempt, the scooty is smashed to pieces.

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The team was thrilled after seeing the result and asked the road roller driver to repeat the process several times. Seeing the condition of the scooty, they encourage repeating the process until they are satisfied. Finally, after smashing the scooty many times, they analyze the damage. Unsurprisingly, the scooter is completely and thoroughly obliterated. It’s unrecognizable, and some components are even broken to the point where it looks like they were never there to begin with.

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We would like to urge our readers to never imitate what is done in this video. There is a lot of preparation that goes into organizing something like this. However, that phase is usually not shown in the final video, making it attractive for audiences to try such stunts on their own. But don’t make that mistake, as it can be quite dangerous if something goes wrong. It is best to enjoy such activities through the screen of your phone or laptop.

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Honda Activa is crushed by a road roller

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