Skoda’s new logo represents its sustainable future

Skoda's new logo represents its sustainable future

The future of Skoda will focus on sustainability, digitization and clean energy mobility solutions that are characterized by the new logo and brand identity.

Skoda has announced a new brand logo that refreshes the brand’s corporate identity to suit modern, tech-savvy customers. The old 3D logo will give way to the 2D letter, which is more accessible and user-friendly in the digital space. As the media change from print to digital, such measures are almost mandatory. Parent company VW already went through this process back in 2019.

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New Skoda logo

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New Skoda logo means the green future

This new logo further reduces the use of the symbol and focuses on the letter SKODA. There are distinct shades of green – Emerald and Electric Green representing ecology, sustainability and electromobility. It means the electric and digital age and how the brand expresses its desire to change according to the times. The models from 2024 will start to have this new Skoda identity. To prepare for electrification, Skoda will invest 5.6 billion euros in e-mobility and 700 million euros in digitization over the next 5 years.

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Skoda also unveiled its VISION 7S concept which will have 3 electric models as early as 2026. The 7-seater SUV will be based on the company’s Modular Electrification (MEB) Platform. It will have an 89 kWh battery with a WLTP range of over 600 km. The peak charging capacity will be an impressive 200 kW which will allow fast DC fast charging times. By 2030, Skoda aims to electrify 70% of its models in Europe, which is an ambitious task.

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India has already become a prominent market for the Czech carmaker after its operations in Russia were affected. After Germany and the Czech Republic, India is the largest market for Skoda and the country would like to continue that momentum and bring quality products to our market in the future as well. Let’s cross our fingers that we will get to experience the electric products of the future from the Czech car manufacturer almost as soon as they are launched on the European market.

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